LOOK: Roger Federer, Lindsey Vonn play tennis on a glacier

Roger Federer and Lindsey Vonn are each megastars in their respective sports but there isn't a whole lot of overlap between tennis and skiing. Still, the two found a way to quasi combine their two sports for a battle.

Going back to Vonn's time on the shelf following a knee surgery that cost her a spot in the Olympics, Vonn tweeted Federer's way asking if they could ever play tennis together. It took a while but Federer finally scheduled the matchup with Vonn over Skype following his Wimbledon final loss.

The challenge? A tennis match on top of a glacier. Set up by chocolate maker Lindt (hey, who cares if it was a promotion, this is pretty awesome), a court was placed high in the mountains on Vonn's turf with Federer's game.

As you can imagine, the images were stunning.

We should petition to have a new tournament held at this court on the ATP Tour. What an amazing setting.

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