Sports are starting to come back after a pause due to the coronavirus pandemic, but with the virus still a serious threat, leagues are altering the way they practice and play to help keep everyone safe. Football is one sport that has a lot of question marks regarding safety, due to the nature of the contact sport.

Schutt Sports is helping with the issue, developing a Splash Shield that "will offer some protection for football players from harmful droplets caused by talking, sneezing and coughing in close proximity." 

Kip Meyer, General Manager for Schutt Sports, said (via Schutt Sports release):

"We need sports to return and this new product will help players in that regard. We are excited to introduce a product that benefits the players, the industry and ultimately, the fans."

They note that it offers some protection, but only limits exposure during play and does not eliminate it completely. Information on the product does not directly mention COVID-19.

The website says it universally fits all traditional football faceguards and attaches directly to them. They also say they are made from an optical clear flexible material and are disposable and replaceable.

They will be available around the world starting July 1, which Meyer says is perfect timing, as football season is approaching.

Schutt Sports is a leading company in protective sports equipment, and helmets made by the company are worn by players at all levels, including the NFL.