LOOK: USMNT reveals bold design for away World Cup uniforms

Well, they’re not quite U.S. Olympic-opening-ceremony-bad, but the U.S. national team released its away uniforms for the upcoming World Cup, and we’ll simply describe them as patriotic … and bold. 

Far from the clean-cut all-white kit the U.S. will sport for its “home” games this summer, their away jerseys are about 80 percent red.

“The USA has a profound and passionate pride in their nation,” said Martin Lotti, the creative design director for Nike. “We wanted to create a design that reflected this in a daring and colorful fashion to give them an even more imposing appearance on the pitch.”

Imposing, distracting. Same difference. 

At least forward Clint Dempsey likes them, calling them a “patriotic colorway,” in a prepared statement. We'll get back to you on exactly what that means. 

(H/T For The Win)

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