Marlins don't plan to trade Stanton, but teams are calling (price is sky-high)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The Marlins have said they don't intend to trade Giancarlo Stanton, but that hasn't stopped teams from trying.

"It would be easier to list who hasn't called," said one person close to the Marlins.

A Stanton trade remains highly unlikely, but there is a price tag. It's sky high, as it should be for a 23-year-old slugger who has 93 home runs in just 2 1/2 big-league seasons, is under control for four more years and doesn't yet command big money.

So, what is that price? From what the Marlins are telling teams, any package would need to begin with three top-level prospects (very top level) and likely would need to include two other players as well.

There's no indication that the Marlins have any motivation to move Stanton, so it's unlikely the price would drop. And that means a Stanton trade almost certainly won't happen.

The Marlins do seem more willing to listen on Ricky Nolasco, although they are insisting they don't need to trade him, either.

For now, they seem much more focused on moving Yunel Escobar.

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