Maximum Security owner offering up to $20 million to top four horses to rerun a version of Kentucky Derby

Pride is a funny thing. It's the kind of thing that can, say, make a horse owner offer up to $20 million to rerun a contested race. Such is the case with Maximum Security owner Gary West. Maximum Security, of course, finished first at the Kentucky Derby at the beginning of the month, but he was disqualified for jostling the other horses. Now, West is offering $5 million to the horses that beat Maximum Security in a rerun to determine the real Derby winner.

The four horses in question are Long Range Toddy, War of Will, Bodexpress and Derby winner Country House. The logistics, of course, are incredibly difficult to figure out, but West thinks that the potential profit makes it worthwhile.

Naturally, the race would have to run this year while the horses are still colts, so the window is tight. That's another reason that this is unlikely, but Country House being pulled from the Preakness Stakes doesn't help the odds any.

Maximum Security also won't be running in the Preakness. West appears to be set on proving a point, with Maximum Security being the first horse to have been disqualified on the track after crossing the finish line first. While it's unlikely this will come to pass, it's a fun thought nevertheless.

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