Miroslav Klose announces retirement from international soccer

miroslav klose
Miroslav Klose has called it quits on his Germany career. (Getty Images)

Germany striker Miroslov Klose had a pretty good World Cup in Brazil. Not only did he help lead his side to the title, but he also netted his 15th and 16th World Cup goals, breaking the record for most all time. Seems like a pretty good time to call it quits.

Klose, 36, officially announced his retirement Monday from Germany's national team.

"With the title in Brazil, a childhood dream came to me," Klose said, via a Google translation. "I am proud and happy that I was able to shape this great success for German football."

With 71 total goals with the national team, Klose is also Germany's top scorer -- a mark that isn't lost on the star.

"The team's success was and is always a top priority for me," he said. "With the national team, I've achieved our goal, a goal that we had with the team. But I have achieved the goals I have set for myself personally. Anyone who knows me knows that I am very ambitious. I'm [a striker], and the job of a striker is to score goals."

Klose will continue his professional career at Lazio in Italy's Serie A.

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