Seven-time NASCAR big-series driving champion Jimmie Johnson recently revealed he had a scare with skin cancer, but it was treated and he's back racing in this weekend's Pocono 400 at Long Pond, Pennsylvania.

Speaking for the first time since surgery to remove a basal-cell carcinoma Monday, Johnson told the Associated Press on Friday he had been diagnosed in January, that his doctor had discovered "a mole that was kind of changing shape" and a biopsy confirmed skin cancer but it had not spread and was not a more severe cancer such as melanoma.

"Carcinoma doesn't spread. It doesn't go to the glands," Johnson told the AP ahead of this weekend's race at Pocono Raceway. "They just have to dig it out and you're good to go. Once I understood that, my reaction to the 'C' word calmed down."

Johnson, who was not able to wait until after the season to have the carcinoma removed, knew he wanted it done in New York and the proximity to the track in Dover, Delaware -- where he drove to his 83rd career Cup victory last Sunday -- helped with the timing. He added there are no lingering effects from the procedure.

"I'm not thinking about it. I have full movement and I'm ready to get on the race track," said Johnson, who has nearly 2.5 million Twitter followers and used treatment to spread the word on skin cancer.

"With the forum that I have, I felt an obligation to say something. I hope there's parents putting sunblock on their kids more now."