NASCAR's Brian France discusses possible schedule changes

nascar brian france
NASCAR CEO Brian France discussed the state of the sport Saturday. (Getty Images)

NASCAR chairman Brian France delivered his midseason "State of the Sport" address Saturday, discussing, among other things, the possibility of altering the schedule somewhat for 2015.

NASCAR has been rumored to be looking into date changes for months. There has also been a call for changes of the 10 Chase for the Championship venues. France didn't speak to any of that specifically, but he did indicate that there would be a discussion about the 2015 schedule.

"There will be robust discussion that will be for those reasons be a more comprehensive look at what the best schedule will look like,'' France said. "I don't have any of the details today. We'll be releasing that in September but it's fair to say that there's a robust discussion with the stakeholders to come up with the best schedule that we can for 2015 and beyond."

One thing that will not be changed, France noted, was the season finale at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

"Historically we've liked ... to do it in South Florida," France said. "The weather is great that time of year obviously, it's a good market for us and the track -- and this is an important thing: by any definition [it's] the best mile-and-a-half track that the drivers believe that they have, that they can really race hard and compete hard. And that matters, too. It's a very important thing.

"When you factor in all those things, we're going to be in Homestead for the foreseeable future."

France also discussed future locations, even the idea of racing internationally.

"We've always liked when we've had opportunities to go to Montreal or Mexico City or even abroad for exhibition events, and when those opportunities present, we will certainly want to look at them," France said.

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