NASCAR's Logano: 'I feel my sport's a lot safer [than football]'

Joey Logano would rather crash his car than get hit by a linebacker. (USATSI)

NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Joey Logano paid a visit to the Detroit Lions’ OTAs on Tuesday where he made some noteworthy observations about the relative safety of each of the two sports. 

Logano drives his Roger-Penske-owned car at over 200 MPH, routinely brushes others cars traveling at similar speeds, and occasionally crashes, and yet he still considers his sport safer than football.

“I’m glad I’m in a race car [when I crash],” Logano said to, laughing. “These guys get hit a lot harder than a race car does. Obviously we take some big hits in cars, but the safety in our sport has improved a lot. Look at the seats, the helmets, the belts – it keeps improving. Not that it doesn’t in football. I think it does, too. We take a hit maybe once in every 15 races or so on average. These guys are taking hits on every play. I feel my sports a lot safer.”

For as dangerous as NASCAR can be, Logano said he’d rather feel the impact from a wall as opposed to a linebacker. Perhaps Logano’s off – “that’s crazy,” RB Reggie Bush joked, when he got word of Logano’s comments – or maybe he thinks the collisions in football simply aren’t worth the potential toll.

“We may look crazy going 200 miles an hour, but I’d much rather hit a wall at 200 than have a 300-pound linebacker coming at me.”

Bush, a racing fan, contrasted his job responsibilities with the sometimes life-and-death nature of NASCAR.

“They’re driving 200 miles an hour plus, and that’s pretty scary when you think about it. A car crash can be life threatening for those guys. The margin for error is probably very slim,” Bush added.

Yes, sports can be scary, but to each their own. 

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