In the latest NCAA violation that will make you shake your head at the NCAA, four Kentucky soccer players are being disciplined for playing a game of pickup with the Foo Fighters. 

According to the Courier-Journal, three players from the Wildcats men's team and one player from the Wildcats women's team were invited to join UK coaches and members of the Foo Fighters in a game before the band played a concert at Rupp Arena in May. Unfortunately, that game took place a week before final exams, when the NCAA prohibits players from being involved in any team activities with coaches -- such as a harmless pickup game before a rock show.

Kentucky officials discovered the violation when they reviewed the Foo Fighters' pass list and found the athletes' names. UK officials removed the players' names from the list, presumably ruining their plans for a great evening while also saving them from further insane NCAA sanctions. Ultimately, those officials found out about the pickup game prior to the show and self-reported the violation to the NCAA.

Luckily, the punishment for being a college kid interested in having some fun wasn't too serious, at least not this time around. The four players involved in the "incident" will be forced to sit out two future supervised team activities, which could include practices or meetings. (Some may actually consider that a reward.)

In any case, this is all so very dumb and Nirvana is still overrated.