New Jersey high school superintendent busted for daily poops on rival school's football field

A high school superintendent in New Jersey is in deep doo-doo after being caught pooping on another high school's football field. This wasn't a one-time occurrence, either. 

Holmdel High School was perplexed when a mystery pooper kept defecating on their football field "on a daily basis," so they enlisted a surveillance team to find the culprit. It took a while, but it appears they finally got their answer: Thomas Tramaglini.

Tramaglini is the superintendent of the nearby Brearley district, and he was arrested on Monday morning after being caught in the act. According to, Tramaglini was busted around 5:50 a.m. for "lewdness" and "littering" while at the football complex, which is located about three miles from his home. 

"Littering" is one way to put it, I suppose.

At this point, the motive appears to still be unclear. Was it a personal grudge? Was it professionally motivated? Is he upset Brearley lost to Holmdel in last year's football meeting? Does he just, you know, like pooping outside? Or maybe he just didn't know that wasn't allowed?

It's all a grand mystery.

As a result of his arrest (and very strange conduct), the 42-year-old Tramaglini has taken paid leave of absence from his job, for which he makes nearly $150,000 annually. Think about that ... putting your $150,000 job in jeopardy because, for some reason, you just can't use a toilet. That seems like poor adulting. 

In any case, this story provides a pretty important life lesson for the rest of us.

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