Wimbledon 2017: Nick Kyrgios drama takes center stage as star retires early

Australian No. 20 seed Nick Kyrgios was forced into a first round exit Monday at Wimbledon, as an injury caused him to have to retire against Pierre-Hugues Herbert. Kyrgios, who has cited Wimbledon as his "favorite tournament," has been battling a hip injury. He made it through two sets against Herbert, but it was too much for him and after going down 6-3 6-4, he had to walk off. Kyrgios said that he has "had this hip injury pretty much for the last six, seven months so it's been giving [him] grief."

After the match, Kyrgios was visibly upset, saying that he had done everything he could to cope with the injury. It was simply a matter of running out of time Monday that led to him having to walk off. Fans, however, aren't exactly sympathetic toward Kyrgios. Kyrgios's general passion has been questioned in the past, and this walk-off merely solidified to some fans what they already believed.

Whether or not Kyrgios was in it for the money as so many seem to believe, he was certainly ginger moving around the court. It was a lose-lose situation for Kyrgios. Either he plays and gets called a sell-out, or he doesn't and people say he doesn't care. Him retiring may have seemed premature, but down two sets and already injured, it was clear he didn't have it in him to beat Herbert. He'll have to go lick his wounds now, and hope that his hip is healed for the next matches he plays. Here is a key excerpt from his "exit interview."

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