Nike shies away from red, blue in USWNT home uniform unveiling

Where's the red? Where is the blue? (Nike)

Nike unveiled an uncharacteristic home uniform on Wednesday for the US women's soccer team that will be worn during the 2015 World Cup in Canada.

With the away kits already several shades of blue, Nike shied away from the traditional red-white-blue scheme for the United States' standard home look.

The away and home kits look completely different. (Nike)

Instead, the manufacturing company dressed them more like a club team and less like an international team that has won two World Cups (1991, 1999). Sure they look clean with a black stripe down the sides, but check out the volt yellow socks that have nothing do with the American flag, and everything to do with Nike's newest soccer cleats.


I understand that American soccer has little tradition, but it's clear that Nike wants no part in setting a foundation for US Soccer by giving them traditional look. The only other intriguing thing worth pointing out is that these uniforms -- with the two-star crest -- will be available for men at retail stores.

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