Oregon man gifted early Nike shoe prototype; sells it for $1500

This is believed to be the Nike “Moon Shoe” prototype.
This is believed to be the Nike “Moon Shoe” prototype. (Facebook/ShoeZeum)

One man's trash is another man's treasure -- quite literally, in this particular case.

Jeff Wasson, a utilities worker from Oregon, was given a what is believed to be a prototype for one of the first Nike shoes ever made. According to ESPN, Wasson sold the shoe for $1,500 to collector Jordan Geller, owner of California's ShoeZeum.

Wasson was a frequent visitor to the home of Bill Bowerman, the Nike co-founder. Following Bowerman's death in 2010, Wasson was asked by Bowerman's son, Tom, to help remove some trees on his father's property. While the two were working, they unearthed the buried treasure.

Bowerman gave the shoe to Wasson, who kept it in his car for a few years before selling it to Geller, who now keeps it in a framed case above his fireplace.

"This is the first real prototype that I've ever seen come to market," Geller told ESPN. "It's a once-in-a-lifetime find for someone like me.

"This shoe is really special. Not because Drake or Kanye wore it but because Bill Bowerman made this from his hands. I almost want to go back to his house, with a comb and toothbrush, and go through his backyard myself."

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