Oscar Pistorius sickened by pathologist's testimony

Oscar Oscar Pistorius reacts to graphic autopsy details. (Getty Images)

The Oscar Pistorius murder trial was briefly adjourned Monday after autopsy details led the former Olympian to "retch" and vomit in the court room.

"Oscar Pistorius is making regular loud retching noises and appears to be vomiting as details of postmortem examination are read out," Sky News reported from inside the Pretoria court room.

"He's cut a pretty sorry figure in the dock," Sky News went on to report. "He's been retching quite loudly. Some of those watching a side view of him can see him being sick on occasion."

Pathologist Gert Saayman had his testimony interrupted, and Judge Thokozile Masipa briefly adjourned the court. Masipa had previously ruled that cameras be turned off during Saayman's testimony, a departure from previous proceedings when live video was permitted.

Saayman reportedly described in graphic detail the injuries to Reeva Steenkamp, who was shot by Pistorius over a year ago. The testimony was apparently so moving that it caused Pistorius to fall ill.

Pistorius, 27, maintains he shot Steenkamp, his then-girlfriend, by mistake after erroneously believing her to be an intruder.

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