PHOTOS: Angry Dutch speedskater flips rival the double bird

This speedskater demonstrates how not to lose graciously. (Robert Michael, Getty)

After talk of sportsmanship, class and humility dominated the weekend news cycle, an incredible photo of an angry Dutch speedskater spread like wildfire across the internet.  

Sjinkie Knegt, whose Dutch team finished second in the men’s 5000m relay at the European Short Track Championships, wasn’t pleased about losing to Russia. As he crossed the finish line, Knegt flipped rival skater Viktor Ahn the rarely seen double bird after Ahn’s Russian squad took first place. There's nothing bashful about this display of emotion, and one can only wonder the punishment Roger Goodell might levy should an NFL player ever try this stunt. 

Knegt’s Dutch team was disqualified from the event, but he later apologized, claiming his emotions got the best of him. The two teams will meet again in next month’s Olympics.

Another photo, via Deadspin, captures Knegt's unabashed anger even more candidly. 

Knegt's team was disqualified for his outburst. (Deadspin)
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