Pistorius trial: Ex-girlfriend claims runner had history with guns

Oscar Pistorius's character was called into question on Friday. (Getty Images)

Friday’s testimony continued to chip away at Oscar Pistorius's once-famed character. 

An ex-girlfriend of Pistorius asserted that he cheated on her with Reeva Steenkamp, the woman left dead from gunshot wounds in Pistorius’s bathroom on February 14, 2013 -- Valentine's Day. Pistorius has maintained that he thought Steenkamp, 29, was an intruder, and he thus entered a plea of not guilty at the start of the trial earlier this week. 

Among the public revelation that Pistorius allegedly wasn’t faithful to his former girlfriend, Samantha Taylor, the woman also claimed that he had a significant history with guns. She claimed that he once shot a bullet through the sunroof of a car, and that he once waved a gun at a Mercedes Benz he felt was tailing him. 

Interestingly, Taylor also asserted that Pistorius was almost always carrying a weapon and that one night, he got out of bed carrying a gun as he searched his home for what he thought was an intruder. That story is similar to what Pistorius claims occurred the night Steenkamp was killed.

Media outlets on Friday also confirmed that Pistorius would testify at some point during his trial. 

Earlier this week, the court heard testimony of a boxer who recalled another instance when the Olympian was reckless with a gun. Kevin Lerena said that Pistorius once fired a bullet into the floor of a restaurant and then asked his friend to take responsibility for the incident.

Pistorius is facing allegations of premeditated murder, illegal possession of ammunition, and two other charges linked to instances where the runner fired a gun in a public setting. 

He has denied all charges but could face 25 years in jail if he's found guilty. 

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