Report: Biogenesis clinic supplied teens with PEDs

The owner of the South Florida clinic at the heart of Major League Baseball's performance-enhancing drug scandal also supplied teenagers with human growth hormones and other supplements, according to an ESPN report.

A former employee of Biogenesis of America told ESPN that clinic operator Tony Bosch "regularly" met with athletes -- sometimes accompanied by their fathers -- as young as 16.

ESPN also obtained documents from the clinic that included the names of 10 Miami-area high school baseball players. The whistleblower told Outside the Lines reporters the teens were given "sports performance packages," which included HGH injections, testosterone and other PEDs.

"[Some] of the time I would see some come in by themselves, but most of the time, [with] their parents," the former employee told ESPN. "But still, if a 16-year-old person can't tan without their parents' permission, I don't know how in the world it's possible that somebody can get this stuff.

"What kind of parent wants their child taking this kind of stuff?"

ESPN attempted to contact the parents of the teens listed on clinic documents, but with little success.

"I just don't know," one of the parents linked to the clinic -- Lozaro Collazo, long-time pitching coach for the Miami Hurricanes baseball team -- told ESPN. "Look, I'm being polite, but you keep asking me things I don't know about. I never got anything from Tony Bosch."

Bosch has still managed to escape the law, much to the chagrin of his former employees, who say they have contacted authorities about his dealings with minors. He was, however, fined $5,000 by the Florida Department of Health last year.

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