Report: Robber shot as customers await release of LeBron's new shoe

Here's a version of the LeBron X EXT, released today. (Via @NikeSportswear)

A man was shot and killed in Atlanta early Saturday morning after he tried to rob customers who were waiting in line for the release of LeBron James’ new shoe, the LeBron X EXT, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

According to the police, the would-be robber was shot and killed after another man in line pulled out a gun to defend everyone else. No one has been charged, and the shooting was considered to be in self-defense. The shooter got back into line after the incident. 

“He really stood up for all of us,” Taylor White, who was also standing in line, said to WBS-TV in Atlanta.

The release of the shoe was undoubtedly buoyed by the Heat’s second consecutive NBA championship won on Thursday night.

The shooting happened before 5:30 a.m. ET, six hours before the retail store opened.

By 11:30, the line stretched 45 people long as people waited eagerly to purchase the $180 shoes, undeterred by what had transpired just hours earlier. 

For sneakerheads, one intriguing aspect of the shoe is that it incorporates both denim and leather. James wore various versions of this shoe throughout the season, including a purple-and-pink version at the All-Star Game in Houston. 

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