Simon Pagenaud and his dog get their faces sculpted on Indy 500 trophy

Simon Pagenaud took home of of the most coveted victories in racing by winning the Indy 500 back in May, and now he a very unique trophy to prove it. 

When he won the Indy 500, Pagenaud's face was added to the Borg-Warner Trophy. But he got an extra face added to the smaller Borg Trophy that he actually gets to keep. His Jack Russell Terrier named Norman is now forever etched in racing history and is with Pagenaud on the trophy, just as he was with him almost every step of the way in the race. 

Back when Pagenaud won the race, his dog, which has its own Instagram that the driver runs, posted, "What do you mean a dog has never been on the Borg? Currently campaigning to get my face on the 2020 tickets!" Well, Norman's dreams have come true.

The Team Penske driver posted a video with his baby Borg Trophy at the team's headquarters in North Carolina on Monday, saying it was a very emotional day receiving the hardware. He then showed off the sculpted addition of his dog Norman and said, "We are both immortal for life, forever."

He said seeing his furry friend on the trophy was a surprise and had previously posted that the sculptor said there was no room on the trophy for the dog's face

"It's a funny surprise because I didn't expect that at all. It just shows the impact that having Norman next to me has on the industry of racing. I'm glad to see that my dog is becoming immortal, so that is pretty cool. That moment in victory lane after winning the Indianapolis 500 when he was there will always be a moment (fiancée) Hailey (McDermott) and I remember our whole lives. It will be the best moment of our life until we have kids together. This will always be our little family at that time."

The famous dog posted a picture to celebrate the big day. The photo series was captioned, "Everyone has been asking when I was going to make it on the Borg Warner... well, today is the day!!"

Norman is not only on a trophy, but he also is able to post on social media. Quite the impressive pup.

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