Soccer player sent off after flashing referee

A professional soccer player in England was issued a red card after attempting to prove to the referee that he had indeed removed his underwear.

There's an explanation.

Croydon Athletic was facing Colliers Wood in an FA Cup preliminary match over the weekend when Louis Blake made his debut for Croydon in the 66th minute. The referee, after 20 minutes of Blake being on the field, notice the player was wearing black thermal shorts under his maroon uniform, which is a violation. The referee asked that he change his undershorts, but Blake indicated that he didn't have a change of clothes.

So he did the next best thing and just removed the undershorts altogether -- with no replacement. When the referee asked that Blake prove to him that he wasn't wearing underwear, Blake did just that, though -- at least according to the referee -- he revealed a bit too much.

Use your imagination.

Blake was subsequently issued a red card.

“I was gobsmacked, I was shocked and I was angry," Blake told the Croydon Advertiser. "I just pulled my shorts forward a bit to show him there was nothing there and he gave me a red.

“How else am I meant to prove I’ve got nothing on down there?"

That's a fair point. Regardless, Blake may be facing a suspension.

“All I wanted to do was make a good impression on my debut," he said. "And now I’m probably going to have to miss three games.”

(h/t Fox Soccer Blog)

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