The Nike Air Mags are the future of sneaker technology. USATSI

Nike's commemorative 2016 Air Mags sold for $52,000 on Sunday, breaking Heritage Auctions' previous shoe record by $20,000. Marty McFly's famous shoes from "Back to the Future Part II" are one of the most coveted pairs of shoes for collectors, fetching an average of $28,055 on, a clearing-house for sneaker resellers. The auto-lacing shoes are about as prestigious as shoes come for sneakerheads, and there's an entire saga surrounding them. 

Behold, the moment a young Michael J. Fox, playing Marty McFly, first put his foot into a pair of Mags in "Back to the Future Part II."

And a history of how Nike brought the future shoes to life in the present.

The auction also had other highly sought-after shoes, including pairs of the Adidas Yeezy Boosts and a pair of Michael Jordan's game-worn Air Jordan 8s. The Mags came with a card from the shoe's designer, Tinker Hatfield. Some 2011 Mags -- which didn't feature the self-lacing technology -- were auctioned off as well, netting an "unimpressive" $8,125. 

For a full recap of the auction, you can go to Heritage Auction's site here. The Mags have a ways to go before they come anywhere near the auction price of His Airness's $190,000 pair of Olympic sneakers signed by Jordan himself, but their price is still astounding. There's something hilarious about the fact that in 2015 these shoes were supposed to be commonplace, and now they're being sold for $52,000. However, 2017 has brought an economy richer in memes than Marty could ever dream of.