Some Penn State fans comparing Sandusky to Hernandez ... nuts

Dear God, they really don't get it. The worst of the worst Penn State fans, I mean. They really and truly don't understand that there is no comparison between the evil that happened under Joe Paterno's watch, and the evil that never happened under Urban Meyer's watch.

They're coming after me right now, calling me a hypocrite because of my story on Aaron Hernandez, where I said Odin Lloyd's murder had nothing to do with Meyer's lax discipline at Florida. It's on the message boards below my story. See for yourself. Bring a bucket, though, because they'll make you sick. (They're also coming after me on Twitter.)

These Penn State people actually think there's a comparison between the Aaron Hernandez story and what happened for a decade at Penn State after a coach and a school were told Jerry Sandusky had done something awful in a shower with a boy.

It's so illogical, I don't even know where to go from here. If these people had told me that 2+2=5, I'd be equally stumped. What do you say to that?

Here's what we know about both stories:

1. A distraught assistant coach came to his house to tell Paterno he'd seen Sandusky in a shower, doing something with a boy. For 10 years neither Paterno nor any of the other Penn State leaders who knew about that incident did anything to make sure Sandusky wasn't molesting more boys. For 10 years, Sandusky was.

2. Meyer didn't kick Hernandez off the team for failing one or more marijuana tests. Years later, Hernandez allegedly killed someone. 

Do you see anything similar between (1) and (2)?

Of course you don't. Because there is nothing similar between (1) and (2).

Now as for the rest of you Penn State fans -- most of you Penn State fans -- I'm sorry for the handful of people who are making you look bad. But they are. You know it, I know it. But you know, as I know and as most people know, that it's unfair. That these idiots don't represent you.

But they're out there. And they're coming after me, telling me 2+2=5 and therefore Joe Paterno deserves the same protection today -- after allowing Jerry Sandusky to roam free for a decade -- that Urban Meyer deserves for having absolutely nothing to do with Aaron Hernandez and Odin Lloyd.

God help us all, these people probably procreate.

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