Teams are recreating the best moments of their season using emojis to celebrate World Emoji Day

People are taking to social media to celebrate #WorldEmojiDay on Wednesday, and professional teams are recreating moments from games and events at stadiums using just emojis. 

Some teams are creating mosaics of moments or players, while others are testing their followers to see if they can identify players and celebrities who have emojis over their faces.

The Chicago Bulls created an emoji mosaic of the GOAT, Michael Jordan. 

The St. Louis Blues recreated their greatest moment this season, beating the Boston Bruins and the hoisting of the Stanley Cup.

Mike Conley and Bojan Bogdanovic are now emoji-fied in the Utah Jazz latest post.

The Golden State Warriors gave their followers a test to see if they could guess which moment this emoji photo is from.

They revealed it was from the moment Klay Thompson made NBA history by making a record 14 three-pointers in a game.

Gillette Stadium, home of the defending Super Bowl Champion New England, also tested their followers to see if they could tell which performers had their face covered with an emoji. 

The United States Womens' National Team resorted to emojis when words were not enough to celebrate their latest World Cup win.

With only 50 days left until the NFL season returns, it was time to celebrate that countdown, emoji style. 

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