Texas woman sentenced to eight years in prison for stealing $295K from youth baseball league

A Texas woman who stole more than $295,000 from a youth baseball league will be spending the next eight years in prison. According to the Dallas Morning News, 52-year old Arlington native Jennifer Sue Witteveen spent the bulk of the money on food, and purchases from Amazon.

It started when Witteveen volunteered as the treasure for the Mansfield Youth Baseball Association when her child played in the league. But from 2012 to 2018, she ended up stealing the organization's funds by writing fraudulent checks and withdrawing the cash. 

On Tuesday, Witteveen pled guilty to one count of theft between $150,000 and $300,000. The charge was upgraded to a first-degree felony because the funds were stolen from a nonprofit organization.

"This defendant took advantage of her leadership position in a nonprofit organization that was supposed to be all about helping kids and making the city of Mansfield a great place for children to grow up," Tarrant County Prosecutor Johnny Newbern said in a statement. "Instead, she lined her own pockets."

A judge also ordered Witteveen to pay back the money that she stole from the organization. According to the Dallas Morning News, she spent $50,000 of the money at restaurants while also spending $22,000 on Amazon. Witteveen initially claimed most of the money was used to pay off medical bills.

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