We all knew, with the new twist on this season of "The Challenge," there would be strategy adjustments that needed to be made. Suddenly, the game has gone from one in which you want to avoid an elimination challenge at all costs to one in which you need to win an elimination to qualify to reach the final. This change was going to lead to mistakes at some point, and we did not have to wait long for a major one as Dee gave a master class in what not to do in this week's episode.

Dee found herself in the most powerful position this week. She won the Airdrop Extraction Challenge with both Corey and Swaggy, and the three of them formed this week's tribunal. Since it was a women's elimination week, however, Dee was the one with the most to gain, and at first, she was in a spot to do so.

By winning the competition, she was able to do what she wanted to do more than anything in the world: get rid of Jenn. Now, you could argue that Dee's reasons for wanting Jenn out were flawed because they definitely were. When there's a $1 million prize on the line at the end, you shouldn't base your strategy around getting rid of women who are flirting with your ex-boyfriend. But Jenn was by far the weakest female player in the house, and it did allow Dee a chance to do somebody a favor that could pay off for her down the line. The problem is that Dee chose the wrong friend.

Dee and the rest of the tribunal nominated Jenny, Tori and Big T as the three female candidates to face Jenn in elimination. Jenny worked out a deal with Dee beforehand to get into the elimination because you need to win one to qualify for the final, and there was no bigger layup than Jenn. Tori approached Dee for the same reasons. Big T wanted in the elimination as well, but for more noble reasons. After a quick exit in her debut last season, she wanted a chance to prove her worth. This would have been an excellent approach last year, but this year it has no shot.

Dee chose Jenny, which was a huge mistake. First, Jenny is the strongest female player in the house, and in a season like this -- an individual challenge -- she's the last person any other women in the house should want to see in the final. Yet, here's Dee being ready to hand her a ticket to the final against the weakest female player. That's dumb enough as it is, but in the process, Dee is ruining a potential alliance.

Tori is a significant threat among the women as well, and she worked with Dee last year in the final, helping Dee win the whole thing. Tori's also a package deal as she comes with Jordan, one of the strongest male players in the game. If Dee gives Tori what she wants, yes, she's giving a strong player a freebie, but she's picking up two strong allies for the rest of the game in the process.

But things get worse! When we reach the elimination, we find there's another twist. Now that you need to win an elimination to earn eligibility for the final, we learn that any member of the tribunal can nominate themselves for elimination if they so choose to. Since Dee is the only woman on the tribunal, this means she can just nominate herself unopposed and go down and take out Jenn, whom she has personal reasons for wanting out of the game and is an absolute pushover.

So what does Dee do? She sticks to her original plan and sends Jenny in. Jenny beats Jenn in one of the biggest routs in elimination history. So now Jenny -- the strongest women in the game -- has a Red Skull and is eligible for the final. Meanwhile, Dee doesn't, and she cost herself two strong allies going forward. Just a horrible, very bad, no good episode for Dee, who brought it all upon herself.

No Context Necessary Screengrab of the Week


Crybaby of the Week

One the one hand, I can relate to how Jordan feels when he loses a competition. I don't like losing, either. The difference is that when I lose, I might be angry about it, but I'm still willing to congratulate the person or team that won. You would think that after all these years on "The Challenge," in which your social game is essential, Jordan would figure that out.

He hasn't, and he likely never will. Instead, he pouts and ignores everybody and causes them to like him even less than they already do. And while he's always talking about how he'd do anything for Tori, he continues to hurt her chances by being this way. If Jordan weren't such an asshat, maybe Dee would have been more willing to let Tori face Jenn and work with them going forward.

Emerging Threat of the Week

I knew coming into the season that Fessy was somebody to keep an eye on. He's big, strong and athletic, and that goes a long way on this show. Having seen him on "Big Brother," I figured he'd be somebody who could make an impact right away. And he is doing just that. He was teamed up with Kyle and Melissa in the Airdrop Extraction, and they finished in second place in both legs of the competition.

I'm making the prediction now that he's going to go deep into this season and probably eliminate a key veteran player along the way.

Player of the Week

I'm giving it to Josh this week. He's not the strongest player in the game, nor is he the wisest when it comes to strategy. He is overly emotional and lets that get in the way of his game. These are all detriments to his ability to win the whole thing, but you know what? He's a fantastic teammate.


Josh teamed up with Bayleigh and Jenn in the Airdrop Extraction. Considering the first part of the challenge involved lugging 15 heavy-ass military crates up a hill to a checkpoint, those aren't the two best teammates to have. While Bayleigh held her own, Jenn was useless. As Aneesa so eloquently put it, Jenn was "looking her best and trying her least" during the challenge.

Yet Josh didn't get angry or throw a fit like we've seen so many others do when their partners suck during a challenge. He just did everything he could to help and encourage here, even carrying two crates at a time occasionally. Josh is a glue guy. He's somebody you want in your locker room for the culture.