This Week in Sports Internet: Damian Lillard's dagger, NHL's Game 7s, NFL Draft madness

Even though there two postseasons running concurrently right now, it was a relatively quiet week in the internet world. Maybe everyone was preparing for the major battle on "Game of Thrones" or they counting down the days until "Endgame." However, that a lot did happen in the sports world, and it all came to a head on Thursday.

With that being said, we didn't have to wait the entire week to get some fun stuff. The Blazers put the Thunder away in Game 5 and Damian Lillard had some stuff to say.

The biggest story of the week, as it's been for months, was the NFL draft. And hoo boy did we ever get a payoff. Josh Rosen got pushed aside for Kyler Murray, the Giants got Gettleman'd, and Dwayne Haskins was mad. And that's just the quarterbacks.

Here's a look at what happened this week.

Dame calls game vs. Thunder

The Portland Trail Blazers were largely overlook heading into the postseason, because there really wasn't a reason to think that they'd fare better as a three-seed this year than they did last year. Somehow, Damian Lillard was in the center of a debate on whether he's underrated or overlooked. He was unbelievable in this series. Lillard averaged 33 points a game, including 50 in Game 5. But all of that was nothing compared to his game-winner that ended OKC's season.

This was more than just a game-winner. Afterwards, there was talk being spilled all over the damn place, including Paul George calling it a "bad shot," Lillard saying that it was bad defense. Then there's this.

As with all moments like this, that face was the one that people latched onto. It so perfectly summed up Lillard: Cool in the face of chaos.

Lillard and the Blazers are moving on to round two. You've just got to love watching a guy finally get his due.

Suns fire Kokoskov... and everyone has their next candidate in mind

Igor Kokoskov got a raw deal in Phoenix. He was handed Devin Booker, a budding star in DeAndre Ayton and basically nothing else. The Suns went 19-63, tied with the Cavaliers for the second-worst record in the NBA, but that was expected by everyone. Everyone except for team president Robert Sarver. Kokoskov was fired after just one season with the Suns, as the team continues to flounder. Everyone had just one question: Why?

Fear not Suns fans, your next coach is picked out for you.

Only Greta can step in and save this franchise. Things are frustrating, but the consensus is that Sarver's disinterest in advancing the team is hurting them.

NHL's two Game 7s: Leafs lose to Bruins again, Golden Knights blow lead

To clarify: The Golden Knights blew a 3-1 series lead but a 3-0 lead in Game 7. Vegas was up by three goals about halfway through the third period when Cody Eakin got a five-minute major for a game misconduct against Joe Pavelski. The call was wrong (the league even admitted so), and the Sharks went on to score four goals in five minutes. After the Golden Knights scored an equalizer, they lost in overtime 5-4.

Vegas didn't take it great.

At least they have some humor about it.

Still, it's a brutal way to lose a series -- even though you really shouldn't give up four goals in a five-minute major situation.

On Thursday, the team was just fed up.

Just an incredibly depressing way to have a season end.

At least they aren't the Maple Leafs! Toronto ran into the perpetual buzzsaw that is the Bruins in Round 1, and they lost in seven games. Why? Well, I'm not saying this has anything to do with it, but...

IF YOU LOVE THESE TEAMS, WHY DO YOU INSIST ON DONNING THEIR JERSEYS, DRAKE? This keeps happening, but this man's utter hubris continues to burn him. Stop riding waves and like who you like, and maybe one day your accursed voodoo will wear off. This might be less of a Drake thing, though. Maybe the entire Maple Leafs fanbase is cursed. The team hasn't won the Cup since 1967, and now they have to wait at least another year.

NFL Draft chaos

To be honest, it's tough to decide where to begin with the NFL Draft. A lot of defensive players were picked in the first round, as they should have because there's an outstanding amount of defensive talent. But as always, the darn quarterbacks stole the show. It wasn't their fault, though. The Cardinals did that thing they said they totally weren't going to do and took Kyler Murray at No. 1 overall. And now this image exists forever.


This goes back to the classic adage: Never tweet. And if you must, make sure your new name doesn't directly contradict past quotes. You have to delete the tweets. It's tried and true.

The Cardinals did not. Even though Murray could end up being a very good quarterback, it doesn't make it any less funny that they vehemently lied through their teeth or waited until the last minute to even shop Rosen. Basically, they bungled this entire operation.


They have hope in the form of the Dolphins. At the time of writing, Rosen may get dealt to Miami for a second-round pick, which at this point would be a big get. Maybe not the first rounder they wanted, but let's be honest, that wasn't happening.

Then there are the Giants. David Gettleman made sure the prophecies came true by drafting Daniel Jones at No. 6 overall. Giants fans took it super well.

UMBC continued to bank on its 15 minutes of fame, which the sun will not and should not ever set on, to mock New York.

Seriously. New York is MAD.

This team might survive, but Gettleman's comment that Jones could sit for three years isn't promising. He'd better not be banking on Eli Manning playing that entire time, for very obvious reasons.

Then there's Dwayne Haskins, who fell to No. 15 overall to... the Redskins. Haskins is staying in the division, and he's already got something to prove.

First thing's first, IT'S A CROSSOVER.

He's seriously unhappy with where he was drafted, however.

Haskins was a heck of a college player, now he needs to prove himself in the NFL. All anyone could talk about was the Giants and the Redskins' plans.

A lot can happen, so we'll see how both quarterbacks pan out over time. In the short term, however... it definitely looks like the Giants were the biggest losers on draft night.

There's plenty going on in the pop culture world this weekend to give you a break from the draft. Enjoy "Avengers: Endgame" this weekend, and before you go, look at the venerable Cody Benjamin's work on assigning quarterbacks to Avengers.

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