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Former professional skateboarder Tony Hawk has signed countless contracts throughout his legendary career, so it's plausible he stopped reading every word. That may have come back to bite -- or, more aptly, needle -- him on one of his latest deals. 

In a promotional video with Liquid Death Mountain Water, Hawk announced the L.A.-based company would release 100 skateboards infused with his blood -- which he jokingly said they now own. The video even showed Hawk's blood drawing. 

"Apparently I didn't read the fine print, and now Liquid Death officially owns my soul ... and my blood, too," Hawk said in the video "It's very confusing." 

Demand for these blood-infused boards has been equally confusing. They sold out within an hour of release, despite costing $500 each. Hawk said in the video a portion of the profits went toward "killing" plastic pollution and building skateparks in "underserved" communities -- the latter of which he focuses on in The Skatepark Project, his charitable foundation. 

Celebrity hair has long been available for purchase, from the locks of Abraham Lincoln to Marilyn Monroe and Babe Ruth. Hawk and Liquid Death Mountain Water just took the celebrity DNA market to another level, though. 

"So if you have my blood," Hawk said in the video, "that means you have my DNA."