Trainer: Pacquiao out for revenge following camp altercation

Manny Pacquiao hasn't fought in nearly a year. (USATSI)

Freddie Roach, Manny Pacquiao’s trainer, says that the Filipino is out for revenge after Wednesday’s ugly confrontation between Roach and trainers from Brandon Rios’s camp. 

Roach, 53, was kicked by Rios trainer Alex Ariza and was mocked for a speech impediment, which is the result of Parkinson’s disease. In the video (NSFW), Roach approaches Rios’s handlers because he felt they had gone over their allotted training time in preparation for Saturday night’s fight in Macau. And that’s when things became heated.

Pacquiao has reportedly seen the footage.

“[Pacquiao] said to me, ‘Are those the guys that made fun of you?’ and I said yes. And he said, ‘That’s all I need to know,’ and he walked away,” Roach told the Associated Press on Thursday.  

“He told me he’s going to take care of this guy quickly,” Roach added.

A day later, Roach was able to laugh off what initially appeared to be an ugly scene.

“What [Ariza] doesn’t realize is that Manny hits me 10 times harder every day,” he said.

Saturday’s fight is huge for Pacquiao as his handlers have billed it as his comeback. He’s lost his last two fights, including a brutal knockout by Juan Manuel Marquez nearly a year ago.

Asked for a prediction and Roach didn’t hold back.

“Initially, I didn’t think the fight would go six rounds, and after the way [Pacquiao’s] worked out, I don’t think it will go four. … We will box him, and the knockout will come with Manny’s hand speed and combinations and Rios not having a good defense.” 

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