Trash talk heats up as Mayweather Sr. fires back at Roach

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Recently the target of some vintage Freddie Roach trash talking, Floyd Mayweather Sr. has decided to dish it right back to Manny Pacquiao's camp.

Following Roach's criticism -- he told Jim Rome that Mayweather Sr. "gets so nervous in between rounds, he has trouble getting the words out, he kind of stutters halfway through it, and he doesn't really get the information across to the fighter" -- Mayweather Sr. has responded by saying he believes Pacquiao could be knocked out by Floyd Mayweather Jr. on May 2.

"Of course, any time somebody's been knocked ice cold like that, man, of course they can get knocked out again -- quick, fast and in a hurry," Floyd Sr. told, referring to when Pacquiao got knocked out by Juan Manual Marquez in 2012.

When Roach criticized Mayweather Sr., he also mentioned that he thought Mayweather Jr.'s uncle, Roger Mayweather, would have been a better coaching option. But Mayweather Sr. doesn't believe Roach. Instead, he thinks Roach is simply playing mind games.

"I heard about what Freddie said about Roger's better," Floyd Sr. said. "He can say that all he wants to say it. You want me to tell you what Freddie wants? He wants Roger in there because he knows I'm the man."

On the other side of the ring, Roach has yet to slow down. After hearing about Mayweather Jr.'s lavish eating habits -- his personal chef earns $1,000 per plate -- Roach commented that he hopes Mayweather's chef "knows how to make crow and soft foods palatable because after he faces Manny that is all Mayweather will be eating."

Now might be the perfect time for this fight to take place.

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