Valentine's Day 2019: The best cards and worst puns from across the sports world

One tradition that no one should ever grow out of is giving Valentine's Day cards to friends -- if only because they're incredibly cheesy and can make people laugh. There might be no lamer pun in the world than sports-related puns, which makes them perfect candidates for this goofy tradition.

Whether it's football, baseball, basketball, hockey or something else, every team wants to give its fans the perfect card. They deserve it for following them through thick and thin, after all. The NHL, for example, went out of its way to gather some of the better ones from individual teams.

Of course, not to be outdone, everyone's favorite psychopath Gritty got in on the love.

Yeah, it's hard to know what to make of that, but Gritty doesn't have a monopoly on weird mascots. The Pelicans' King Cake Baby got in on it too.

Purdue put out a fantastic Simpsons reference.

And the Blackhawks used some interesting illustrations.

In fact, NHL teams proved to be incredibly tough to out-cheese.

The Chicago White Sox put out some bad (good) ones as well, although we all know that their one true love isn't on the team. They want either Bryce Harper or Manny Machado, but a card on Twitter might be some pretty obvious tampering.

Michigan basketball, however, might have made the worst basketball-related pun of the day.

The Lions came out of their hibernation for more player puns (including arguably the best one of the day with that Damon Harrison one).

And the Cowboys need a shoutout for doing the same with some more just bad, bad name puns.

The Browns also gave fans a preview of things to come, with new head coach Freddie Kitchens and Baker Mayfield sharing a hug.

True romance.

Then there's the love guru himself, Mike Leach and his fantastic marriage advice.

In spite of all of this, there's only one real winner from Valentine's Day, and it is... UMBC.

That's right, UMBC is still coasting on a win that was basically a year ago, but they've earned it. You don't become the first No. 16 seed win win a March Madness game and not earn bragging rights forever. Virginia is never going to live this down, and UMBC is never going to stop talking about it. Especially when the jokes are as clever as this one.

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