VIDEO: HS team celebrates blocked kick while ball is still live

(Video via 360Preps The Columbian)

The band wasn’t on the field, but it might as well have been. 

This past Friday night, Columbia River (Wash.) was down one with just seconds left against Skyview and was attempting to win the game on a field goal. Skyview blocked the kick and their players bolted to the sidelines to celebrate the supposed win.

The only problem was that the deflected attempt hadn’t crossed the line of scrimmage, meaning the ball was still live. (This video shows the Skyview player failing to recover the ball).

You can guess what happens next, but it's more fun to watch the video. 


A meeting was initially scheduled between the two ADs, but subsequent reviews showed that the ball was never dead, thus the meeting never occurred.

"It clearly showed the refs got the call right," said Mick Hoffman, the director of athletics for Vancouver (Wash.) public schools. "It's a game for the ages, and a million different stories will come out of it." 

As for bizarre endings, we're not sure it surpasses the absurdity of Saturday's Wisconsin-Arizona State game.  

(H/T Deadspin)

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