VIDEO: Justin Gatlin beats out Usain Bolt in 100 meters

In the world of international track, there's the Olympics, there's the World Championships, and then there's everything else. But among the "everything else," stakes don't come a lot higher than within the IAAF's globe-circling Diamond League series, and meets within the Diamond League don't come a lot bigger than Rome's "Golden Gala," held Thursday.

That's the long way of saying this: It's far from the end of Usain Bolt's world that he was stunningly beaten by American Justin Gatlin in Rome's 100-meter finals, but it's not the sort of result the track world won't raise its collective eyebrows over, either -- particularly with August's Moscow World Championships looming.

Here's the video, with Gatlin (in lane 6) officially timed at 9.94 and Bolt (in lane 4) at 9.95:

American Michael Rodgers placed fourth.

It was a mild surprise when Gatlin won the bronze at the London Olympics, and Thursday's race will further cement him as one of the world's very best sprinters -- another substantial step in the right direction after his four-year ban from the sport from 2006-2010 for a positive steroids test. Most of the world won't be happy to see a sprinter associated with doping challenging the immensely popular Bolt -- you can hear the British announcer in the above clip admit he's "not the biggest fan" of Gatlin -- but if the former Tennessee Volunteer continues his current upward trajectory, he could be the Jamaican's biggest threat in Moscow.

As for Bolt:

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