VIDEO: Manny Pacquiao shadowboxes in preparation for Mayweather

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Those who say Manny Pacquiao will thwart Floyd Mayweather’s pursuit of his 48th consecutive win often cite Pacquiao's speed and quickness. As Mike Tyson put it, Pacquiao is "perpetual motion."

A training video Pacquiao posted to his Instagram page only confirmed what we already know about the fighter: he's deadly fast. On Tuesday, Pacquiao took to the streets to demonstrate what Mayweather is going to be forced to slow down on May 2.

Day 14 of my road work out. Thank you Lord.

A video posted by Manny Pacquiao (@emmanuelpacquiao) onMar 17, 2015 at 10:06am PDT

In addition to Tyson, Donnie Nietes -- a WBO junior flyweight world champion -- also thinks Pacquiao has the ability to end Mayweather's boxing reign. Speaking with, Nietes backed his fellow Filipino fighter.

"Pacquiao can knock out Mayweather," Nietes said. "Pacquiao is very focused for this fight. He can catch Mayweather and there is a good chance he'll knock him out. Pacquiao will be in his best shape for this fight."

Based on the video above, Nietes doesn’t appear to be far off with his analysis. And on May 2, we'll see what wins out: Mayweather's wood chopping or Pacquiao's shadowboxing.

Manny Pacquiao showing off his speed in the streets.  (Getty Images)
Manny Pacquiao showing off his speed in the streets. (Getty Images)
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