VIDEO: Soccer player admits flopping, passes on penalty kick

For all the hand wringing about soccer players’ propensity to flop and then beg for calls, let Werder Bremen’s Aaron Hunt serve as a beacon of hope.

Up 2-0 in the 75th minute, Hunt took a dive in the box, drawing an unwarranted penalty call from the referee. Instead of padding his scoring numbers, Hunt immediately fessed to the referee that he hadn’t been fouled. Even more impressive, both teams haven't had great years in the Bundesliga and are under the threat of relegation. All the more reason to praise Hunt's honesty. 

FC Nurnberg players immediately lined up to praise his sportsmanship, and Bremen would go on to win 2-0. Earlier in the game, Nurnberg had turned down a corner kick after a player admitted that he’d actually touched the ball last.

Fair play? Honesty? Are you listening J.R. Smith??

(H/T For the Win

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