VIDEO: Vincenzo Nibali rejected on Tour podium kiss, plays it off

Tour de France Stage 2 winner Vincenzo Nibali wasn't as smooth on the podium as he was on the road Sunday.

As is custom after winning a stage and receiving the Yellow Jersey, Nibali took to the stage to receive his awards and applause from the crowd. With the gifts of flowers and in this case a stuffed lion always come kisses on the cheeks from the ladies flanking the podium. After successfully landing his first kisses, Nibali turned to his other side, leaned in and ... REJECTED!

You have to give Nibali credit, though, he handled it well by playing the "I have to adjust my collar" card. The kink in the neck would have also worked (we know from experience, or something). Smooth, but not smooth enough, Vincenzo, we all saw it.

Really it was just a miscommunication, Nibali went in a little early before she had the lion to hand him. No kisses until then, Vincenzo. But who can blame Nibali if he was a little excited? It was his first win at the Tour de France, a win that gave him the Yellow Jersey.

That should help one get over rejection. Not to mention he eventually got a kiss, or more like gave one to the lion. He probably won't be too heart-broken about this one. Not many guys can say that after being denied on national TV, right Raptors fan?

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