Watch and listen: Mexico's reaction to US beating Panama

Two late U.S. goals eliminated Panama from the World Cup.
Two late U.S. goals eliminated Panama from the World Cup. (USATSI)

You're welcome, Mexico.

Two late goals by the United States Men's National Team against Panama saved the Mexican side from elimination while ending Panama's chances of reaching the World Cup entirely.

Here's how it all went down: The United States and Panama were playing in a qualifier concurrently with Mexico and Costa Rica. Both the Americans and Costa Ricans had already qualified, but Mexico and Panama were playing for a shot to compete in a two-game playoff.

Late in both matches, Costa Rica led Mexico 2-1 and Panama led the USMNT by the same score. Had those results held, Panama would have moved to the playoff, eliminating the Mexicans from World Cup contention for the first time since 1982. But if the Americans were to get a single goal and force a draw, Panama would be eliminated.

And then here's what happened.

As you can see (and hear), the Americans got two goals in stoppage time, thus eliminating Panama and pushing Mexico through to a two-game playoff with New Zealand.

So, to clear everything up: The United States, Costa Rica, and Honduras are the three automatic qualifiers from the CONCACAF division, while Mexico, who finished fourth, reaches the playoff.

And again, you're welcome, guys.

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