You've surely heard stories about nightmare parents wreaking havoc in the stands while watching their children.

Whether it's fighting another parent, berating officials or threatening a young child, sports tend to bring out the worst in some parents.

That being said, you've probably never seen anything like this.

At the Tour Cycliste Antenne Reunion in France, Jean-Bernard Boyer was upset that officials had refused to halt the race after his son, Jonathan Boyer, had crashed.

Jonathan Boyer received medical attention as the race continued, much to the chagrin of his proud father. As the leaders headed toward the finish line, the elder Boyer decided to take things into his own hands ... literally.

Boyer dragged the metal barrier across the road and directly into the path of oncoming cyclists, leading to a nasty crash.

He was fined 300 pounds (about $400) for his actions, which reportedly resulted in a broken collarbone for a South African racer who ran into the barrier and fell.

It also turns out that Jonathan Boyer suffered head trauma and broken ribs during his earlier crash, so even if the race would have been halted as his father wished, he most likely would not have been able to continue.

Needless to say, Jonathan Boyer probably won't let his dad come to any more of his races.

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