Esports gamer Alex "CakeAssault" Strobel outlasted more than 245 competitors to win at the Riptide fighting game tournament in Sandusky, Ohio, on Sunday. But the tide wasn't the only thing ripping after his victory celebration. 

In a sudden burst of elation, CakeAssault leapt from his chair and began pumping his arms and legs to the crowd to celebrate his win in the "Rivals of Aether" competition. Midway through the celebration, however, his shoulder ripped from its socket. 

After the video went viral, CakeAssault confirmed on Twitter that he dislocated his shoulder.  The injury caused him to hit the floor and writhe in pain for a few moments, but he quickly arose again to fist-pump an audience member and the air with his healthy arm. 

Adrenaline is the likely reason CakeAssault managed to brush his injury off so quickly and keep celebrating. Or, as his Twitter would indicate, knowing he's the best at summoning the power of fire, water and earth to wage war on rival civilizations ... in an indie fighting game. 

"BEST [expletive] PLAYER IN THE WORLD," he wrote on Twitter. "...THE [expletive] GOAT IS BACK."

Top gamers such as CakeAssault perform up to 600 moves per minute and 10 per second on a controller, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Those repetitive movements often lead to gamer's thumb, repetitive stress injuries in the hand and wrist and gamer's elbow. Perhaps the antics of CakeAssault will help "winner's shoulder" make its way onto the list.