Sometimes when you lose, you really win.

The junior varsity football team from The Woodlands High School in Texas learned that lesson firsthand last week.

The team was well within grasp of its first win of the season, marching toward the goal line trailing Tompkins 29-28 in the final seconds of the game. But on the second to last play as The Woodlands got the ball within feet of a touchdown, a Tompkins player went down with a serious injury.

As the stadium fell silent, Life Flight was called and the player was transported to the hospital.

On the following play -- the last play of the game -- rather than go for the win, The Woodlands chose to take a knee. They let the clock run out and took the one-point loss.

"None of our kids said one thing. None of them complained. They were fighting for their first victory and none of them complained," The Woodlands coach David Colschen told ABC 13. "Afterwards, the most amazing thing was how thankful our kids were that we made that decision."

The players echoed Colschen's sentiments.

"There are more important things than winning a football game," said Will Jentry, The Woodlands quarterback. "I think we had a moral victory on the field that day and not a physical victory."

The injured Tompkins player is reportedly out of the hospital and doing much better.

"It was a very teachable moment for both teams to remember the moment you take a stand for what's greater for humanity, not what the scoreboard says," said Colschen.

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