WATCH: High-schooler dunks from behind free-throw line

Eat your hearts out Michael Jordan and Dr. J, here's a dunk from behind the free-throw line.

In one epic dunk contest, Mississippi high schooler Shelby McEwan won the day by taking off from the free-throw line for the left-handed flush. And when we say take off from the free-throw line, we mean it (the dunk is at the 40-second mark in video).

There was no sneaking half a foot inside the line and saying it's from the free-throw line as we often see, this was a last step from legitimately behind the line and still enough air to finish. That might be as close to flying as a person gets.

In fact, the show was full of sick slams.

As good as those are, it's still little wonder why McEwen stole the show.

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