WATCH: High schooler flies through air to make a truly incredible volleyball save

There are great plays and then there are historic plays. This week, Autumn Finney, senior volleyball player at Decatur High School in Texas, made a historic play.

In a save that kept alive a rally and ultimately led to a victory during Decatur's Friday night matchup with Krum High School, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Finney ended up cementing her name in the virtual halls of viral prep legends with a leap for the ages.

Forced to hop over one opponent and fly through the air before unleashing a mid-jump return as her back faced the net, Finney wowed plenty in the stands and thousands more on Twitter, where teammate Mallory Downe shared video of it all.

It's like ... where did this Autumn Finney even come from? And props to her for closing that thing out by sacrificing her body on the way to the floor. It had the theatrical look and everything.

While highlight reels will be filled with baseball, basketball and football clips this weekend, Finney probably deserves the No. 1 spot.

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