WATCH: Huge man goes insane after completing record 1,005-pound squat

Ray "Ray Ray" Williams isn't one to mess around.

He knew that he had a Herculean task in front of him, and he knew that he was going to need every ounce of energy to make it happen.

So, before taking on a potentially record-breaking squat of 1,005 pounds at the USA Powerlifting Nationals in Atlanta, Williams did what any of us would do. He put on his pump-up music and started hyping up himself and the crowd by screaming, posing and making generally intimidating facial expressions.

Here's another angle (in which Instagram user "screamermanuel" certainly lives up to his name) just in case you still don't believe that actually happened.

Of course Williams completed the squat, which according to is the first ever raw 1,000+ pound squat in IPF/USAPL history. The squat was held to IPF raw standards -- no squat suit or knee wraps and the lifter has to unrack and walk out of the weight himself.

That makes the lift all the more impressive. Ray Ray goes completely insane after nailing the squat -- as he should.

Just for some perspective, 1,000 pounds is roughly the weight of a grizzly bear. So, yes, Ray Ray just basically squatted a grizzly bear. You'd go crazy too.

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