They say rubbin’ is racin’, but Kyle Busch would have none of it Sunday.

The 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion was dueling with Joey Logano in Las Vegas with the two racers battling for a top-five finish at the third race of the season. As Logano looked to stay on the low side of the track and slide up, he connected with Busch’s left rear tire, sending him skidding toward pit row.

Busch was quite upset with the move after the race, leading to this melee as they got out of their cars.

Busch goes after Logano but ends up fighting was one of his crew members and walks away with a bloody forehead. It was made all the funnier, to me, by the fact that both teams wear all yellow uniforms, making it harder to tell who’s fighting whom.

“I got dumped, flat-out dumped,” Busch said. “He just drove straight into the corner and wrecked me. That’s how Joey races so, he’s gonna get it.”

All of this is what makes Busch one of the most polarizing figures in NASCAR today.