Surfing: Vans U.S. Open of Surfing

Australian professional surfer Mikey Wright rescued someone in Hawaii who was being swept away by a strong current in the ocean. The save was caught on camera and posted on Instagram by Wright.

Wright captioned the video, "Hold my beer."

Here's a look at the scary moment:

As the waves began to bring someone further out to sea and under the waves, Wright quickly acted and went out to bring the person back to shore.

The first video shows the person beginning to be overwhelmed by the waves, with Wright saying, "He's gonna need to get saved". The person next to him says, "You can't save him," but by that point he is already handing off the phone and running out to the water.

The second video shows him saving the person, and being taken under the waves more than once. Mikey's sister Tyler, who is surfer, also posted the video.

Mikey and Tyler were in Hawaii for the Pipeline Masters, with Tyler winning first women's tour title and Mikey placing 17th in the men's competition.