If you're raising an athlete and think that football is too violent or hockey is too expensive, then is there ever a sport for you. Professional tag exists, and it is awesome. It brings back the classic playground game, introducing elements of parkour. Contestants line up on opposite sides of an arena littered with obstacles and proceed to play the sickest game of touch ever.

World Chase Tag, as it's dubbed, has a highlight reel that basically consists of Assassin's Creed characters chasing each other around an enclosure. But instead of murder, they're just trying to tag each other, so it's a lot more low stakes. 

These guys are SERIOUS too. Whether they're just hiding behind little objects waiting for someone to make a move or diving to the floor trying to catch a runner, they don't mess around in their craft.

The only thing I'm curious about is how much of this is freelance. Do these guys watch film? Do they have pre-planned routes? What do their adjustments consist of? They're clearly seriously athletic, not flinching in the face of obstacles. They don't seem to fall on their faces nearly as much as they should.

All-in-all, I'm really glad that this exists. Because I'm always down to fall into another Youtube rabbit hole. I'm about to go get psyched up for the Four Square World Finals next month.