WATCH: Real Madrid tries playing American football

Like many soccer clubs from Europe, Real Madid is spending some time in America to get ready for the upcoming season. On Saturday, for example, they had a date lined up with Manchester United at the Big House, Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor.

The Champions Cup winners from last season are obviously quite good at Europe's version of football but with them visiting some American football fields, they decided to try their hand at the big game in States, a little pigskin.

On the fields at Eastern Michigan University -- where apparently they encourage the players to be rapacious -- Real Madrid took a little time out from their usual preparations to have a little scrimmage. Let's just say they should probably stick to their day jobs.

Though we will give some credit where it's due; Xabi Alonso looks like he might know a thing or two about the game we call football in this little corner of the world with his touchdown floater pass.

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