WATCH: Soccer dad tries to fight Europa League players while holding small child

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new runaway candidate for "Father of the Year."

He comes to us via Thursday's Everton-Lyon Europa League match. During the second half, Everton player Ashley Williams triggered a skirmish when he pushed the Lyon goalkeeper to the ground. What ensued was more of a glorified shoving match than it was a "brawl," but it happened close enough to the stands that some fans decided they'd try and join in on the shenanigans. 

That's where we meet our hero, World's No. 1 Dad. 

As soon as the fight breaks out, our guy starts seeing red and immediately makes his way over to the scene with child in hand. Maybe he's fed up with all this poor sportsmanship and wants to remind the players to set a better example in front of his son?

Nope! That theory is thrown out the window when the dude instantly starts trying to throw punches at Lyon players, who are quick to remind him that HE'S HOLDING A CHILD. 

Every parent knows that fighting in front of your kids is inherently good, but actually bringing them into the fight and putting them in harm's way is even better. There's no better way to get children acclimated to the brutality of the "real world' than by using them as a human shield during a fight with pro athletes. 

I, for one, am very much looking forward to this guy's best-selling book in the parenting section.

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