WATCH: Sprint car gets huge air after crash, goes flying over fence

The driver somehow came away from his unharmed. Screen Shot/Loudpedal

There are crashes, and then there are crashes.

On Saturday night at Perris Auto Speedway in California, Austin Williams boldly went where no driver had gone before.

During a qualifying run, Williams was attempting to drift around a corner when his car started to tilt and flip over.

No big deal, happens all the time. These cars are built to roll without harming the driver.

What they're not built for, however, is flying.

The car bounces off the ground, launches into the air and somehow makes it all the way over the catch fence, flipping several times in the process, before crashing to the ground upside down.

According to the Perris Auto Speedway Facebook page, no driver in the 21-year history of the track had ever cleared the catch fence.


Luckily Williams emerged unharmed, ready to race another day. He may not have won this race, but he'll always be able to look back on the time he flew.

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