WATCH 'Star Trek: Picard' trailer with the new CBS All Access series set to debut in early 2020

A Star Trek icon is coming to CBS All Access.

The all-new series "Star Trek: Picard" sees Patrick Stewart return to the role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard he made famous for seven seasons in "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and four feature films in the "Star Trek" franchise.

Here is a first look at the upcoming series, which will include appearances by "Star Trek" veterans Brent Spiner (Commander Data, TNG), Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine, "Star Trek: Voyager") and Jonathan Del Arco (Hugh, TNG), Jonathan Frakes (Commander William T. Riker, TNG) and Marina Sirtis (Counselor Deanna Troi, TNG)

Here's everything you need to know:

How to watch Star Trek: Picard

Show: "Star Trek: Picard"
Episode dates: Premieres early 2020, new episodes weekly
Stream: CBS All Access

Star Trek: Picard

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Where and how can I use CBS All Access?

Apple TV, Android, iPad, Roku, Google Chromecast, PlayStation 4, Xbox, Windows 10 and Amazon Fire TV all have CBS All Access capability, meaning you can stream games from the comfort of your home or on the go. You can also download the CBS app through various app stores or by clicking here.

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